SEEDRAISERS Fundraising Platform

SEEDRAISERS is a startup that set out to build a SaaS Platform designed for fellow startups and early stage companies looking to launch a capital raise.

Raising capital takes time, patience, and persistence, and can detract from focusing on growing the business. SEEDRAISERS helps companies minimize the time to prep and launch, and maximize your exposure and conduct investor research for targeted outreach.

SaaS Solution Development

Sixty Four was brought in as the Fractional CTO in order to help scope, design, develop and launch the SEEDRAISERS MVP, which would consist of both a web and mobile application.

Through planning, scoping and discovery, we were able to uncover the insights to ensure all of the MVP requirements were addressed while architecting a solution that would scale with new features, functionalities and end users.

Once a detailed project plan was developed, design and hands to keyboard began. Over the course of an iterative and agile development effort, an elegant solution that captured and exceeded the initial requirements was commercialized.